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Dear readers! Are you writers or do you want to be?
Everybody who possesses a glossy profile of writing or is capable of creating one is welcomed to join the translation pool. The translation item, put on display on the Vital Pakistan website is kind of stick to measure your proficiency in English language-writing skills.
This translation project is an international commercial enterprise and it has been thrice 52 weeks since I entered this Olympian business. During the long and tedious history of my incumbency as official coordinator, I chanced on a host of intellectual & honest people who have been willing to work as a translator. In fact, some of them boasted very magnanimous that they are quite able but, in most instances, the case was reverse. They indeed knew Urdu, English both very well but they missed either the art of translation or the third significant language i.e. the Language of Consistency. Only those stout and diligent people made it who were able to fetch a bucket a day and not just once a week or month; alternatively a task of consistency.
They say quality is habit, not an act and so is the online or offline occupation of life. The essential art of Listening makes us good speakers and then speaking and reading, finally, makes us good writers. Therefore, the course is simple, kick up skimming the English papers or click on dot-comas of dailies' world webs and embark on reading. This is the first step to realize the dream of being a professional writer. Next comes the improvisation process of sharpening a journalistic sense through watching political English TV shows e.g. BBC, Aljazeera, France 24, or CNN, CNBC etc.
When you feel you are capable of using journalistic applications and linguistic features in a deft manner simultaneously, it is the time to start hitting your keyboard through your right fingers on. Do not forget, sweet fruits never come with the yester-evening harvest, it takes time and the course of nature is not haste or revolution but that of evolution. Practice as much as you have learnt from your early childhood schoolbooks' lessons. Phew! There you are.
I need to share another subject more of import to you people whose brows are soaking in sweet sweat of online labor; a lovely labor is not it. Guys, mind it and mark it! He who is primed for the best 'plough' readily deserves the best fruits. Translation skills can bring you money, no doubt about it. Yes, the translation is always a tough job and Mr Nauman has rightly endorsed that in his Postscript note. I reiterate the translation skills i.e. your knack affords you delicious fruits when you are immaculately willing to keep trying until you hit the jackpot of qualification.
Of course, it was a treat to go through what Mr Nauman had attempted, indeed the fine maiden attempt and that too in a very condensed and efficacious mode largely. I really appreciate the brave crack and wish our devoted online-peer the best of luck for the same. Nevertheless, I shall remain breathlessly waiting for the new customers also, honest and dedicated, who can come up to the task, and are never repugnant of attempting consistently and diligently, unless they feel that have conveyed what they so earnestly and so eagerly wanted to.
I shall remain all eyes for you people to make a successful attempt and then continue making on and on, until a financial career in Urdu to English translations is set there for you as an adult translator. Let us know when you are done on your part!
Yep, do attempt, keep practicing and never ever exhaust until you are near perfect in technical terms!  For instance, Nauman who I am sure will not quit before he reaches the destiny so fine he took the initiative for.
*Guidance is free so you will not receive any money back in case you fall short of the needful.
Hope WAPDA does not assume the charge of Sui Gas during your chilly cool winters...
Vital Pakistan Team

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