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Saturday, May 27, 2017

How to Join TheAdSmile Real Earning Program in Pakistan


How to Join Real Earning Program in Pakistan

How to work and earn with TheAdSmile by VitalPakistan

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TheAdSmile | REVENUE SHARING UP TO 120% ,(JustSmile & GetPaid) 
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Monday, October 10, 2016

Maximum Battery Timing Android Cell Phone upto 10,000 mAh has been Launched

Oukitel K10000
Maximum Battery Timing Android Cell Phone upto 10,000 mAh has been Launched

Now a days there’s a big problems in Android Mobile Smart Phones for businessman persons that is Battery Problem that reduces quickly, it does not give time as Java or Symbian Phones have been giving in last decades, for this solution of quick power off of the Android phones you are supposed and forced to keep Power Banks to fill up 1300 mah to 4000 mah power. 

Solution for this problem, 
One of the China’s company Oukitel has launched an Android Smart Cell Phone, which name is Oukitel K10000, main feature of this phone is as amazing that its battery power is 10,000 Mah that no other company has yet introduces, this feature of battery not only increases Phone Life time but it also give you max time of battery round in days “5 to 7” days without charging your cell battery.
And Cost is incomparable with other Android Cells. That is just $21.99 (Pak Rs round 22,000) and this cell can be located in Pakistan. 

Key Specifications Oukitel K10000:
Display of Oukitel K10000:                          5.50 Inches                        
Processor of Oukitel K10000:                      1GHz
Front Camera of Oukitel K10000:                2-megapixel    
Rear of Camera Oukitel K10000:                 8-megapixel
Resolution of Oukitel K10000:                     720x1280 pixels
Ram of Oukitel K10000:                              2GB
OS of Oukitel K10000:                                Android 5.1
Storage of Oukitel K10000:                         16GB
Sim of Oukitel K10000                                Dual Sim
Battery Capacity of Oukitel K10000           10000mAh

How To Check Telenor Sim Number Without Balance (Telenor Secrets)

Many times you get worry when you get a sim in your wallet and you get worry cause you don’t know what number is this and you have no balance in the sim as well, and have no special knowledge to check, in this case you think that How To Check your Telenor Sim Number Without Balance?
Here is the solution when you get this situation of checking Telenor Sim number without balance.
You will follow these secret steps to catch your unknow Telenor Sim Number, Cheer Up J
1st Step: Dial *345*8*1#
You will receive a menu of “your personal choice number”
2nd Step: now sent message “Call Me” from same menu
After this, 2nd person will get request whose number was mentioned while call me menu.
3rd Step: Check the other phone whose number was given or mentioned.
Now its result time and you will see your current Sim number without losing balance.
Cheer Up :)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts For MS Office And Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts For MS Office And Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts For MS Office And Windows

Many of us find online keyboard shortcuts for their easiness while working on computer, continuously working on mouse is very tough while it helps a lot when we know and understand keyboard shortcuts.
Here are most important keyboard shortcuts that help you a lot when you sit before computer. You understand working when know these shortcuts. One you understand this skill, your scale goes high in the market. 
The persons who knows Keyboard shortcuts can give better performance than a mouse user, mouse gives better results while working on graphic works, even shortcuts work on graphic works too. Resultantly, a professional is one who has complete mouse and keyboard command.
These Pictures give you PC, Mozilla, browsers, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS Power Point, MS Outlook shortcuts
I hope you will like this post very much.