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How to make money with TrafficMonSoon and Payout easily Video Tutorial 
(posted: Jun 10, 2015)

How to earn money, payout from TrafficMonSoon Urdu-Hindi Tutorial - Copy by vitalpakistan
How to make money/work with Paidverts/MyTrafficValue Video Tutorial 
(posted: Jan 12, 2015)

How to Work with Paidverts-MytrafficValue by vitalpakistan

How to make Perfect Money Account with this video tutorial (posted: Jan 13, 2015)

How to Make Perfect Money Account (Urdu) Vital... by klmraja
How to make money quickly with this video tutorial (posted: Jan 11, 2015)

How to Make Money with Instant Payout (Urdu... by klmraja

How to make money and Earn by Making Bitcoin Address and work on Chickencoin
(posted: Jan 6, 2015)

How to make money and Earn by Making Bitcoin... by klmraja
Admin Interview Vision History and Future

 Added Sep 24, 2013

Current Online Data Entry Projects Tutorial 

Learn How to Work on Phase-5 Software
Current High paid Project

 added February 28, 2013

Learn How to Work on Phase-1 Software
Video # 01

 added March 12, 2012

 Learn How to Work on VP Software

Video # 02-(Part-i)
 added July 15, 2011

Video # 02-(Part-ii)

 added July 15, 2011

Video # 03
How to Payout Data Entry Earning
 added February 7, 2012

Video # 04
Troubleshoot  Non-working ID (bads) issue
added February 8, 2012

Video # 05
Protect your computer by Microsoft Security Essential Anti-Virus

added May 02, 2012

Video # 06
Internet Download Manager (ID-Man) Downloading and Installation
Now Download Everything on Internet with High Speed

added Feb 28, 2013

Watch Vital Pakistan Add Posting Section

Video # 1,
Introduction To Site.{Must See It}

Video # 2,
How To Download & Upload Assignment.

Video # 3,
How To Work On Ad Posting Project.

Video # 4,
How To Work On Directory Submission Project.

Video # 5,
How To Post Ad On Any Classified Site.{Old Method}

Watch Vital Pakistan Revolution Video
Vital Pakistan Online Jobs Family Network Revolution
(updated:October 25, 2011)