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Updates and News

News Updates in Vital Pakistan Network
Vital Pakistan Online Jobs Family Network is going to complete its 3 years this February 18, 2013, along with some good News for you
This Section is for Vital Pakistan Members only
1) Increment in Data Entry Work Rates in Phase-2, 3, 5
All rates of Data Entry Members have been increased from 85 Rupees to 99 Rupees per dollar work.

2) Referral Bonus
On each friend referral, 500 Rupees will be added in your salary, which will be paid at the end of the month. For instance, you add 10 friends in network for their favour and work, you get 5000 extra bonus along with your salary. For addition your new Referral, you’ll have to visit Registration Page on Vital Pakistan sites and mention your name and email in the referral box filed.

3) Supervision Bonus
Vital Pakistan Members with good quality work, will be awarded Supervision for their local area, so that new interested candidates could contact them, and give them fast earning referrals, further those progressive Vital Pakistan Members will be highlighted along with already progressive members with their pictures.

Kaleem Raja