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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Legit Clicking Work - Join for Free Earning for Free - Be in team make a team

Congratulations Members Vital Pakistan!
We have a new daily task for you, absolutely free
(First Pakistani Video Tutorial is below for paidverts/mytrafficvalue)

Paidverts is the part of company MyTrafficValue which is working since 2009, and is well renowned among the market of Internet, it has recently gained the highly paying PTC site rank.

The members are offered paid to click work, as a free member, you will be given daily bonus ad points (BAPs) by the website, against which utilization, you will receive money Ads, each ad has a worth of earning of different cost earning ads. It is daily working like job.

Free members can earn upto $5 dollars daily within 3 to 5 months.

A great gentry from all over the world is connected with long running site and earning alot. Why not us???

(Professionals use “Mozilla Firefox Browser” for any type of online working)

How to work: Join for free by the link given below or click on banner given below. We are making a team of professional workers online. It is a referral link below. You will be updated for any up-gradation.

Benefits of Working of this Clicking work:
You will earn daily without any investment and can step in the internet earning.
By earning you can step in Forex (Foreign Exchange) Work, which is the biggest platform of huge earning in internet working. Members will be trained free of cost for next success. All joined and successful members will be enlisted.
Remember it is our referral joining link, it is your wish to join by our link, if not, you are also welcome, the default referral link is paidverts/mytrafficvalue admin link, who is already worth rich, you and I are the people who help each other, if you support this our site, we might give you more beneficial tasks.
Thanks: Regards. Kaleem Raja

First Pakistani Paidverts/MyTraffic Value Video Tutorial

How to Work with Paidverts-MytrafficValue by klmraja

Step by Step Guide:
1. After clicking link above, click on register button

2. Fill the form as example below picture.
Choose a unique username
Write your email address
Write unique password in fields of password and confirm password
Choose your Date of Birth
Confirm your Date of Birth from Right Menu
And confirm your referral by ticking check box
Press Open Account

Start of work:
It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 
Follow pictures (it will be for once for even average minds)


Next process for login page

Step 1. Login (with username and password)

Step 2. Click on “Paid Ads (0)”, Note: (0) varies how much ads you are given by the website. Normally new users get 25BAP x 16 = 400 BAP (Note BAP means Bonus Ads Points). The more you will get BAP the more you will earn by Ads.

Step 3. Click on “View Bonus Ad” (New user will see BAP25 ads points) BAP = Bonus Ad Points

Click on Circled Point for viewing Ad
Follow pictures given below for step by step guideline.



Next after finishing 30 sec, press Confirm


Next (1 task is finished)

Few Informative Pics
Circled are Bonus Ad Points

Circled are Micro Ad Packs, each Micro Ad Pack costs 50 BAP.

Payout: Minimum $1
Duration of payout: within 7 days
Payment Processors: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay, Solid Trust Pay, Western Union, Bank wire.

How I can withdraw my dollars: You can send your earned dollars to us for local currency exchanging.

In case of investment:
It is absolutely free! But if you invest in this website by the internet payment methods, it will return you total as 155% including your investment.
Initially, you can join it free of cost even earn by working and without any investment.

Ways to Earn Money of Paidverts.
1.  Click on free Ads daily, buy advertisements and get earning with time.

2. Invest with your money, you will get advertisements and will get 155% worth Ads back, the cash back your earning or reinvest for more profit potential. 

3. Refer and teach friends and colleagues and get 10% of their earning potential and 5% of their working potential.

4. Play "Flip Coin Game", increase (BAPs) points for more worth Ads and earning. (Tip to play securely can be shared after your joining).

Advisory and Tips: Payout atleast 5 dollars, and better reinvest on this site for gaining more Bonus Ad Points which will give you more earning Ads.
Never Open your account on anyother computer, otherwise your account would be banned by the site admin permanently.

Heavy Profit Ads

How Paidverts Works, Learn the Idea


My Experience: 
I joined it as a free member, took time to understand it, and later on purchased a package of $120 dollars, now i'm getting more than $1 and $2 dollar ads daily, i keep it maintain by increasing my bonus ad points daily. I feel it a proper daily job.
I also earn points by playing "Coin Flip Game", I have a special method to play this game, this trick can be shared with a single email at admin@vitalpakistan.com.pk.

More to be updated. 
Training Video under process
Registered members can ask their questions and useful tips at admin@vitalpakistan.com.pk

Let me know, how is your experience with paidverts so far!
Kaleem Raja 



  1. My Experience:
    I joined it as a free member, took time to understand it, and later on purchased a package of $120 dollars, now i'm getting more than $1 and $2 dollar ads daily, i keep it maintain by increasing my bonus ad points daily. I feel it a proper daily job.

  2. Well "Coin Flip Game method" is working also good, it is saving my big money for increasing my BAPs in paidverts. Wow

  3. kaleem bhai bohot acha program hey, apne jo featr btae hein, mene pehley ksi ptc site mein nehe dekhey, mene apkey refrnce se join kia hey, ye btaen kay is site se payout kis processor sey lein tu behtar hoga. Shakeel Ur Rehman

  4. Hurrah today I have received my first dollar. Thank you sir for this opportunity.
    my joining link https://www.paidverts.com/ref/honeyasma

  5. Thank you Kaleem Bhai for updating us day by day, ab mein is ki strategies ko samjh chuka houn aur us kay matabiq apne BAP barha raha houn, mujhe ye samjh nehe arehi thi kay BAp kya hote hien,
    Vital Pakistan Zindabad

  6. Yar brother mza ageya hey, mene payout ka order kia aur 3 hours k bahd hi payout ageya, please exchange my dollars now
    link mein apki site dal di hey
    Khawar Yaqoob Shahdra Lahore.

  7. Please reveal the TRICK to play COIN FLIP GAME to my mail, Please please

  8. i have been a member of this site for a few months and I am facing a problem with Bonus AD POINTS. 1 din k bad expire ho jaate hain. how can I maintain them and build alot of points? please help

  9. good videos and useful information,will soon visit your office in rwp,i will join it soon,is that works now a days or it has been changed.plz give me some updates.thnx
    mehmood hussain


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